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10 Advantages of Using A Timber Frame For Your Home Construction

ByRonnie Belanger

Jan 16, 2023

Timber frame is the best reliable option to use in building your home. You need to put the timber wood rivets and bars together with a layer of wooden panels. This is to create structural support joined with pegs.

Timber is a lightweight material but the customized timber frame construction is usually strong, durable, and eco-friendly. Perhaps, off-site construction of new homes using timber has become highly flexible. To complement the local regulations and planning requirements, you can clad timber frame structures with timber panels, bricks or stones.

Timber frames have many advantages in constructing homes and 10 such advantages are listed below.

  1. Natural and eco-friendly material

Timber is among the few non-toxic natural building material with lots of advantages. It does not release harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and is safe to handle. This also means that timber decomposes naturally with its age. Because of such eco-friendly and non-toxic nature, timber does not affect your health and environment.

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  1. Ecology and sustainability

Many countries have framed policies to re-grow more timber than it is harvested. Also, timber grows faster than it is used. In such situations, timber will always be available on the earth. Timber is an ecological, sustainable, and renewable building material.

  1. Easy to remodel without loadbearing walls

Generally, the loadbearing walls are responsible for limiting and high-cost for re-modelling your home. In case of traditional home, you cannot combine two rooms to convert them into master bedroom. But with timber frame, the adjacent walls can be easily demolished to create a large master bedroom.

  1. Reduces noise

Naturally, timber frame buildings have properties to absorb internal noise in auditorium or homes. This prevents echoes. With over 30 years of experience, Vision Development South Limited is one of the best on-site timber frame manufacturer in Berkshire, England. They also have an in-house design facility and installation team to provide you any customized designs to meet your requirements.

You can cover timber frames externally with Structural Insulated Panels to decrease the unwanted external noise of traffic and noisy neighbors.

  1. Better insulation and energy efficient

Timber is a natural thermal insulator. It helps to reduce energy required to heat or cool the indoor air. This reduction in energy consumption for heating or cooling makes your home energy efficient.

  1. Easy to work and quick to install

Timber is very flexible, versatile, and lightweight. This makes it easy to create any design and work with simple equipment. It also requires simple and quick installation process. This further reduces the energy required for building and designing homes.

  1. Variety of design and size

Timber frame homes have unmatchable physical and technical properties. Also, varied species of tree make timber of differing textures, colors, and functional qualities.

  1. Saves time and money

Due to quick installation time and less building debris, timber frame saves time, labor cost, and other expenses. It is also requires less specialized and expensive skills to handle.

  1. Durable and easy to maintain

Timber is a highly durable material which can last for centuries. It is also easy and cheap to maintain as compared to other building materials.

  1. Less transporting cost

Due to its lightweight, timber structures have low transportation cost and can be used for constructing homes on sites with difficult land conditions.