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3 Renovation and Restoration Services You Must Consider

ByRonnie Belanger

Jan 19, 2022

Your house is your personal abode. Seeing it get cluttered and dingy is probably the biggest disappointment that you have to face as a homeowner. Since everybody isn’t a billionaire to purchase a new house when the old one looks like it’s in a bad shape, it’s renovation and restoration that you should consider instead!

We have listed the 3 professional remodeling and restoration services that will make your house into your dream house at prices that are negligible to what you’d have to shell in buying a new place altogether. Dive in for details!

  1. Kitchen Renovation 

A kitchen is the heart and soul of a house. If it’s cramped, not only will it be less functional, but it will also look like a visual disaster. That’s where kitchen renovation comes into the picture. The many ways in which kitchen renovation helps are as follows:

  • It increases the storage space with the addition of new cabinets. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, designers choose the best options. For example, if the kitchen is small, under-the-countertops cabinets will make the most sense. 
  • It improves hygiene because of the incorporation of modern appliances. Kitchen renovation also focuses on improving ventilation. 
  • With the addition of new appliances and cabinets, the entire place will look stunning. Besides, whether you want a contemporary look or rustic decor, experts will design the new kitchen accordingly. 
  1. Bathroom Renovation 

A moist bathroom with leaking faucets and toilets is unhygienic, unsafe, and a cause of serious embarrassment if you have guests in your house. The results of moisture are bad odour, rotten floors, weak walls and ceiling, and organic growth like fungus and asbestos. 

The renovation will help in the following ways:

  • New faucets, bathtubs, showers, tiles, countertops, and vanities will add unparalleled charm. 
  • Better storage will organise the bathroom. 
  • Hygienic conditions will be an added benefit.
  1. Flood Restoration 

Whether your basement flooded due to a leak or a pipeline burst, the effects can be unforgiving. the wooden furniture, walls, and floor will start absorbing moisture in no time. Hence, flood restoration services are essential. 

Here’s how experts will help:

  • Experts have the tools to dry the floor and mattresses very quickly before they can catch fungus and moisture.
  • The wooden furniture will also be protected from rotting. 
  • The experts will offer basic cleaning, making the place safe for living.  
  • They will also help you receive your insurance claim sooner.

Clearly, it’s the choice of experts that will have a very large impact on the final results. If you’re in Montreal, the Renovco renovations and restoration services won’t disappoint you. Do check out their website for more details!