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6 Garden Design Ideas For Small Outdoor Spaces  


Aug 12, 2022

There is often a sense of defeat among residents who have only a small garden space. Too many activities and assets, it is believed, require a larger space. Such thinking often leads to garden spaces being neglected and used solely for storage or kept free of any potential growth for fears of making a space feel even smaller.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Many new garden owners, especially those buying homes for the first time, are now reinventing how we approach garden spaces. As the price of property rises too, homeowners are looking to ensure that their return on investment is a positive one and that all aspects of a home are made use of. Here are six of the ways in which small gardens are being transformed.

Private Dining Area

A small garden might be conducive to a dining area, promising that it can fit a table and chairs. Should it have such a capacity, this seating can be surrounded by beautiful and hardy plants, especially those that bloom with aromatic flowers and are tall enough that they offer privacy. The result will be an intimate and private space, one free from distractions and immersive in design.

Growing Space

While a small garden might not have the horizontal capacity for raised growing beds, it might just have the vertical potential. Planters can be stacked, vertical gardens created, and hanging baskets filled with herbs and fruits. Small greenhouses are also popular, offering gardens year-round growing potential even in a relatively small but tall space!

Private Office

It is worth considering the value of your garden as an entirely outside space. Many homeowners find that dedicating, instead, a large part of their garden to a private office, such as those hidden inside log cabins or summer houses, is much more preferable. These spaces can easily be designed to integrate with an outdoor space and offer a room to be utilised throughout every season.

A Wild Retreat

A garden space doesn’t necessarily need to be for the entire benefit of the homeowner. In fact, many choose, instead, to dedicate their space to support local ecology. Certain plants are especially helpful to pollinators, such as lavender, while small constructs, like hedgehog boxes and insect hotels, can make a significant difference to local wildlife.


Growing one’s own food does not require acres of land and a number of urban residents, even those with only a balcony, are determined to demonstrate the potential of small garden spaces for supporting households with delicious produce. Carrots can prosper in pots, peas can climb vertically, and herbs can find a home in small corners.

Reading Corners

By covering your garden area, protecting it from the elements and creating a cosy and comfortable space, you might just find yourself with the perfect reading nook. With the addition of a heat lamp or even a wool blanket, it can even be a place to escape to in the evening too.