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6 Surprising Features of a Turkish Oushak Rug That You Probably Didn’t Know!

ByDonald Marshall

Jun 22, 2022

It’s likely that you’ve heard a lot about what a Turkish oushak rug is all about, but the truth is that there’s so much about Oushak rugs that most rug shoppers have no idea about!

Oushak rugs have become one of the most popular rug styles throughout the world for many different reasons, and we’ve partnered with the experienced industry specialists at Rug Source to better understand some of the things that make Turkish Oushak rugs so special.

So below are 6 surprising features that make Oushak rugs truly unique as compared to the rest of the area rug industry!

Turkish Oushak Rugs are Always 100% Wool

There are many different types of Turkish rugs out there that’ll be comprised of wool and other fiber blends, but authentic Oushak rugs are always 100% natural wool.

This is really important when it comes to the rug’s overall durability, and wool also goes a long way to preserve a rug’s design and color steadfastness for decades!

Oushak Rugs Offer A Wide Variety Of Design Choices

A lot of rug shoppers are interested in Turkish Oushak rugs because they’re looking to stray away from the norm and spice things up within their décor, and Oushak rugs just so happen to be a great option in this type of situation!

Oushak rugs truly come in all sorts of different colors and design themes, which is why they’re the most popular rug style throughout all of Turkey. You’ll see many floral design patterns when you shop for Oushak rugs as well.

Oushak Rugs Are Generally Easy To Clean & Maintain

A lot of rug shoppers are looking for new area rugs because they’re existing rugs are really difficult to clean, so it’s a good thing that Oushak rugs are pretty easy to maintain and clean up.

You’ll of course still need to take proper care of your new Oushak rugs, but the cleaning that you’ll do will go further to ensure the overall durability of your rugs for many years to come!

Turkish Oushak Rugs Are Great In Many Parts Of A Home!

Another awesome benefit of Oushak rugs is their versatility, because they’ll look good in just about any room of your home. Whether it’s your living room, TV room, bedroom or kitchen, you can find a way to implement an Oushak rug within your existing décor aesthetics.

Oushak rugs are known for their natural, soft designs, so they subsequently do a great job at brightening up a room and making it feel more inviting. These lighter colors also just so happen to match well within most residential design settings.

Oushak Rugs Are Offered In Many Light Shades

A lot of people love how Oushak rugs mainly come in light color shades, and this is because they brighten up spaces and residential moods. And as we mentioned above, Turkish Oushaks are also relatively easy to clean as well!

The aesthetic upgrade you’ll obtain via a Turkish Oushak rug is considerable, and these colors make everything you’d pay for these rugs to be worthwhile.

Oushak Rugs Are Very Soft

Another great feature of an Oushak is their high pile, which makes them a soft area rug choice for countless households. These rugs also just so happen to be extremely durable, so you don’t need to worry about them losing their pile over long periods of time.

Ask The Rug Source Team About Your Home’s Next Turkish Oushak Rug!

There’s a lot that rug shoppers need to consider when they’re interested in purchasing a Turkish Oushak rug, but you should simply know that you’re on the right track towards an incredible area rug when you’ve honed in on this style.

You can learn more about Turkish rugs and Oushak rugs by asking the Rug Source team via their Oushak rug page link at the top of the page!