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A Few Reasons Why You Should Have a Refrigerator in Your Outdoor Kitchen

ByMatthew Hershberger

Mar 7, 2022


Most people replace their old refrigerator with a new one when the appliance stops working properly or causes issues. However, there is a better alternative that allows you to put the old refrigerator to good use, especially if it is labeled for outdoor use as well. You can search for “refrigerator repair near me” online to hire professionals to fix the old refrigerator and install it in your outdoor kitchen to enjoy various benefits. And purchase a modern refrigerator that is suitable for your indoor kitchen. 

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why you should install a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen:

  1. It helps with cooking – An outdoor kitchen is only as good as the availability and quality of the appliances in it that can help with the cooking process. For instance, built-in or free-standing grills are absolutely essential in every outdoor kitchen along with plenty of cabinets and storage drawers to store all your utensils, spices, and more.

And, having an outdoor refrigerator is also crucial. It can help immensely when cooking in your outdoor kitchen since you can store many important cooking ingredients within reach. The best part is that you don’t need to make multiple trips back into the house just to get ingredients or other items that need to be stored inside a refrigerator that you’ve forgotten to bring to the outdoor kitchen.

Thus, it can emulate the indoor cooking experience and allow you to relish the fresh warm sunlight or the cool breeze when cooking outside. Plus, you never have to leave the company of your friends or loved ones when cooking outside during any important occasion.

  1. Easier access to cold drinks – Isn’t it a chore when you have to constantly go inside your house to get a can of beer, fruit juice, or other drinks when holding a friendly party in your backyard? One of the best parts of having a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen is that you can completely eliminate such problems since you can have cold drinks readily available where you can access them without having to head inside your home.

Not only drinks but any type of food or even chocolates for kids that you need to store inside the refrigerator for some period but access it again shortly. 

  1. Creates a better space for socialization – One of the main reasons why people like outdoor kitchens is that it helps to facilitate any type of social occasion. A great barbeque party with some of your friends is great but with a full outdoor kitchen, you can cook a gourmet meal and throw birthday parties, pool parties, and more. 

However, you absolutely require an outdoor refrigerator to make full use of outdoor kitchens.

If there is no refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, you have to keep running inside your home during social parties which can make it much more difficult to socialize with your loved ones and kill the mood.

New vs Old Refrigerator for outdoor use

Outdoor refrigerators are specially designed to work efficiently in the outside environment and come with features that allow them to function in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Thus, you cannot shift any old refrigerator outside unless it is labeled outdoor/indoor use and is CSA, UL, or ETL certified.

Indoor refrigerator compressors are not designed to work outside where radical shifts in temperature are common. Plus, outdoor refrigerators are tested to undergo a series of safety trials for outdoor performance, leak testing, and more that ensure their performance. 

In most cases, it is better to install a new outdoor refrigerator and it can cost you anywhere between $600 to $2000 and above. However, if you happen to have a refrigerator labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, you can save some money. Ultimately, you have to consider the advantages and compare them with the disadvantages of using an old refrigerator to make the final decision.

Other things to consider

Before you decide to purchase a new outdoor refrigerator or shift your old one, you must take care of the utility requirements. For instance, it is necessary to check whether you have the necessary outlets and plug points in the outdoor space to power the refrigerator. It is also necessary to consider a suitable space. We recommend you consult a professional such as a builder or an electrician that installs outdoor kitchens to get a full picture of what you would need.

Finally, it is also necessary to conduct proper maintenance of your outdoor refrigerator in order to keep it in good condition. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Unplug it during the winter – During the winter, the temperature outside can dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and it is enough to keep your food safe. Thus, it makes sense to turn off the appliance to avoid wasting energy usage and prevent malfunctions.
  1. Make sure it remains clean – Make it a habit of cleaning the refrigerator of any leftovers or expired food at least once a week. Otherwise, the bad smell would be the least of your problems.
  1. Make sure to cover it – Outdoor refrigerators are built sturdy but they are not weatherproof or invulnerable. Thus, be sure to cover it to protect it and prolong its longevity.
  1. Allow it some breathing room – It is necessary to ensure that the outdoor refrigerator has proper ventilation so that the vents at the base or bottom can work to their full potential. Never flush it against the wall or a counter.


Now that you know the various benefits associated with having a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to install one. If you can afford to install a new one, that would be the best. However, you can simply shift your old refrigerator if it is labeled for outdoor use to the outdoor kitchen if that’s what you prefer. Just ensure it is in good condition to enjoy the maximum functionality. Simply search “refrigerator repair near me” on Google to find an expert who can repair our old refrigerator and help with the installation process.