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A Local’s Guide to Buying Your Dream Home in San Carlos

ByMicheal Weingarten

Apr 10, 2024

San Carlos, California, combines small-town charm with urban refinement, making it a popular choice for those seeking peace and convenience. It offers an unmatched chance to live the California lifestyle with its tree-lined avenues, excellent schools, and dynamic neighborhood. San Carlos’ picturesque surroundings and vibrant real estate market attract homebuyers. From charming cottages to opulent estates, homes for sale in San Carlos cater to every taste and budget. San Carlos has something for everyone, from family-friendly neighborhoods with lots of open space to vibrant urban enclaves with easy access to amenities. San Carlos is one of the Bay Area’s most desirable residential areas due to its strong community, growing economy, and proximity to innovation hubs.

San Carlos real estate overview

San Carlos has many housing alternatives for residents. The most common property is single-family residences, which range from cozy bungalows to large, multi-story houses with lots of outdoor space. The neighborhood also offers condos and townhouses that are cheaper and more convenient than single-family residences.

What distinguishes the San Carlos real estate market is its high demand and comparatively low supply. The neighborhood is coveted because of its strong sense of community, excellent schools, and prime location in San Diego. Homes sell rapidly and at premium prices. San Carlos has several significant real estate developments and projects. Lake Murray Terrace, a new condominium development near Lake Murray, offers modern, large townhomes. The San Carlos Gateway, a mixed-use development, will add retail and residential properties to the neighborhood.

San Carlos real estate offers many alternatives for potential residents. There are residences for every lifestyle and budget, from single-family homes to condos and townhouses. With continued development and growth, San Carlos will continue attracting buyers and renters for years.

What to consider when buying a home in San Carlos

Inspections and Disclosures

Quality inspections are essential when buying a San Carlos, CA, home. A fireplace, foundation, general home, and pest inspection should always be available. These four inspections cost around $2,000. Inspectors vary. House repairs can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a location with high building prices!

Hills vs. Flats?

You must also pick whether to buy a San Carlos, CA home in the flats or hills. Northward slopes are windier, and some routes are small and twisty. Except for newer buildings, real estate professionals recommend a foundation and chimney inspection when buying in the hills. Examine the area’s slide history and potential. Flats are more likely to have water in the yard and crawlspace. Therefore, French drains may be necessary to protect the foundation from water and mold.


For those who prioritize schools, buying a San Carlos, CA, house eliminates concerns regarding schools in general. San Carlos has superb schools throughout. The San Carlos Education Foundation raises lots of money for local schools.

Escrow: Who Pays?

San Carlos, CA, homebuyers are in San Mateo County, where escrow and title fees are a few thousand dollars and budget 0.5% of the home’s price. Negotiate who pays and everything else. In a slow market, buyers may ask sellers to divide these expenses.