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Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous in Anaheim?

ByRonnie Belanger

Aug 23, 2023

Right during the spring season, we all see a noticeable increase in carpenter bees in homes. These carpenter bees are larger in size and noisier compared to honey bees. While they are known to sting, they can affect your house in much more ways. Eastern carpenter bees, like Xylocopa virginica, can be bad for your house because of their woodworking behavior. If you are not sure how to get rid of them, get in touch with experts for Pest prevention strategies Anaheim

How do I spot carpenter bees?

If you are not sure how to identify carpenter bees, one of the things you need to know about them is that they are bigger than other bees and wasp types. Moreover, they are known for having a black abdomen and yellow thorax. However, they are very different from bumblebees since they have yellow hair all over them. 

It is also advised that you pay proper attention to their behavior, as they typically hover and sit on untreated wood, such as deck boards and eaves. Moreover, they also consume nectar and pollen. So, in case you want to make sure that there is no infestation of carpenter bees at your place, look for any holes in untreated wood. That is where they usually lay their eggs and keep their larvae. 

Do they damage property?

The thing about carpenter bees is that they are solitary insects, which means that they do not build traditional hives. However, they tend to form small groups of families. The female carpenter bees, who are responsible for building nests, usually go for semi-protected softwood and typically target wooden structures in homes and drill holes under roofs. The thing is, even though they do not live there for very long, like the termites, the holes they make can make the structure of your house weak. Since birds like woodpeckers usually hunt the larves, this causes the holes to get larger. All of which, combined, can cause more structural issues in your house. 

Final thoughts:

Not only are carpenter bees bad for your house, they are even known to sting (especially the female carpenter bees). When one gets stung, it can lead to welts and other severe allergies. An interesting fact is that even though male carpenter bees are more aggressive, they pose less of a threat to humans. If you have a carpenter bee infestation, get in touch with professionals near you right away.