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Best Areas to Rent a House in Rawalpindi

ByMatthew Hershberger

Jul 15, 2022

Rawalpindi is a comparatively big city with a fascinating history. Millions of people from various economic backgrounds live there. 

When compared to its neighboring city, Islamabad, the city’s average cost for necessities and rental trends are lower. 

As a result, individuals continue to choose Rawalpindi when looking for rental homes. The increasing demand for rental homes, however, causes the price of real estate and market trends to change over time.

Several residential societies provide homes for the expanding population, which was predicted to number 7.5 million in 2020. These programs were created with a variety of income levels and needs in mind.

Rawalpindi has a mix of homeowners and renters, just like other cities. With the introduction of New Metro City Gujar Khan: https://globeestatebuilders.com/new-metro-city-gujar-khan/ , the local real estate market has seen positive developments and has been doing exceptionally well for the past few years.

Rental Properties Trends in Rawalpindi

Property for rent in Rawalpindi continues to be in great demand since those who cannot afford to buy a home opt for rental homes. 

Even though Rawalpindi’s rental costs are somewhat lower than those in Islamabad. They are nevertheless costly because the city has expanded and is home to all necessary amenities. 

This includes hospitals, schools, recreation places, work possibilities, and solid infrastructure.

Different Types of Rental Homes in Rawalpindi

Since Rawalpindi is a diversified city that serves both the wealthy and the needy, it is possible for everyone to rent a home there. 

People go to the city in search of jobs, educational prospects, and other chances from northern to southern regions of the nation.

Residence in Rawalpindi is not just restricted to individual homes. There are a lot of people living in shared rental homes and tiny apartment complexes in the region, including students and migrant workers. 

Shared rental housing and modest homes are options because high costs are difficult to afford in light of the escalating economic difficulties.

Important factors to consider

The location and upkeep of the property are used to calculate the monthly fees for all varieties of rental homes. 

For students and single workers looking for a good space but not wanting to pay the rent alone, shared rental homes are a terrific option.

Despite the availability of shared flats and homes, most families opt to live separately in order to preserve their privacy. 

Given the variety of housing alternatives available in different places, this is a particularly significant consideration.

Families who rent separate homes tend to go toward wealthy neighborhoods since the homes there are roomy and have a peaceful setting. 

Since separate houses have additional features and amenities such a parking space, green belt, access to sui gas, etc., their rent is a little higher.

Every neighborhood in Rawalpindi has small houses for rent, and local brokers can help you identify the finest solutions for your needs.

Top Areas to Rent a House in Rawalpindi

So, if you’re looking for a rental home in Rawalpindi, let’s examine the city’s best real estate possibilities that fall within your budget.

Let’s start looking for a rental property!

  • Bahria Town in Rawalpindi 

Bahria Town in Rawalpindi dominates alternative social structures by a lopsided margin. It truly is a gated community of the highest caliber with exceptional living conditions. 

It is divided into nine phases and boasts so many attractions spread across several areas that it rarely faces competition. Phase 8 is the most noticeable part in Bahria Town.

The greatest benefits are the educational institutions and medical facilities, not merely the neighborhood clubs, covered roadways, and lush greenbelts.

  • Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City, which aims to create Asia’s first smart city, promises residences that are automated, modern, safe, and intelligent.

The housing society’s worth is increased by its prime location along the M-2 motorway, close to the new Islamabad International Airport.

Capital Smart City will provide cutting-edge amenities and an eco-friendly neighborhood in addition to being easily accessible and built to international housing standards.

  • Chakri Road 

Chakri Road, which links the Chakri district with the Army Airbase and functions as a crucial rural and urban transport route in the area, is another well-liked business investment sector in Rawalpindi. 

Following the approval of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor Project, a 64-kilometer massive infrastructure project. 

Many of the well-organized towns and trade routes along Chakri Road have experienced a significant boost in the value of their real estate.

For those interested to invest in Rawalpindi real estate, the region surrounding the well built road on Chakri Road is in various phases of construction and offers excellent returns. 

All the necessities for a comfortable life are offered by housing developments at or close to Chakri Road. This includes having access to adequate waste management and sanitation systems, as well as water, electricity, and gas. 

Chakri Road is home to a large number of schools, hospitals, parks, and commercial sectors.

  • Satellite Town

Six blocks make up the desirable rural community of Satellite Town. It is home to many families from wealthy backgrounds, and typically, spacious streets lined with trees, charmingly designed homes, and immaculately mowed lawns are common sights here. 

Additionally, there are campuses here for world-class educational institutions like The City School, Beaconhouse School System, and IIUI Schools.

Effectively, Saidpur Road and Murree Road are the only routes that lead there. There is usually a big demand for the property here.

  • New Metro City Gujar Khan 

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a new project in Rawalpindi that is developing on high pace. Soon after the construction of houses, there would be high demand of rental properties in the society. 

It is located on main GT road. The Grand Trunk Road, also known as the GT Road, is one of the oldest and longest significant roadways in South Asia, spanning 2,500 kilometers. 

From Kabul, Afghanistan, through Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Delhi, the route travels through sections of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan before arriving in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The GT Road is 50 minutes’ drive from the Islamabad International Airport (IIA).

Commercial investment 

One of the most sought-after commercial properties in Rawalpindi will be New Metro City Gujar Khan much-needed housing program, which promises a special blend of toughness and elegance.

The project will feature a world-class infrastructure, sustainable development, contemporary housing and transportation options, and a way of life that respects the environment.

Price Range of Rawalpindi Rental Homes

Rent for properties varies by location. Most people can afford the average prices in both high- and low-demand places. 

In upscale locations, you can locate a separate part with two or three rooms starting at 40,000 and higher.

On the other hand, you can rent a piece for as little as 12,000 and up in the city’s more condensed and outlying neighborhoods. 

The working class of the twin cities is relieved by the pricing in Rawalpindi compared to the capital because they can easily afford to rent a property here.

If you want to find out more about the most recent developments and investment opportunities in Rawalpindi, please follow Globe Estate & Builders. 

Additionally, their office in New Metro City Gujar Khan will connect you with highly qualified real estate professionals.


It is perfect to rent a home in Rawalpindi and handle a daily trip to the twin cities for job seekers, students, and employees.

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