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Nov 27, 2021

The cathedral city of Norwich was once regarded as the second-largest city in England. This city sits on the North Sea, and it has a strong community that is regularly further strengthened with the many annual festivals. There has been a lot of development in recent in the area, and this has created several benefits of living in Norwich.

Acres of land that were once neglected around the city are being put into good use and transformed into good housing options. Norwich has a lot of charm and many places to explore. If you are planning on living in Norwich, then you can be assured of having a lot of things to explore and enjoy. And if you are searching for areas you can cheap property in the city, then you‘re at the right place! These are some of the cheapest places to buy property in Norwich.

  1. Great Yarmouth (Average property price of £218,397)

The town of Great Yarmouth is made up of several lovely charming villages as well as some beautiful countryside scenery. This area has great value in terms of tourism with thousands of people going there every year for a day of seaside fun. There are over 15 miles of sandy beaches in the area and this adds to the allure of the city. It is a very appealing place to stay, and the properties here are relatively cheap.

  1. Gorleston (Average property price of £201,291)

This is another riverside town with a beautiful sandy beach and magnificent views. The beach here is loved by locals and tourists who love to enjoy it on a sunny day. Gorleston is also very lively during the summer period with loads of people gathered together to enjoy the scenery and several activities.

  1. Watton (Average property price of £221,251)

According to property experts Quick Property Buyer, Watton is a lovely market town in the city, and it is full of some great historical landmarks and stories. One of these is the very popular clock tower that dates back to 1679AD as well as the Norman Tower and Parish Church of St Mary. Watton has a bustling community with a lot of shops around that sell a wide variety of items. This town also has some pretty standard housing options for cheap prices.

  1. Swaffham (Average property price of £246,908)

Swaffham is a lovely town that is great for families to live in. It is a market town, and it is situated at the northern point of the Brecks. The numerous Georgian buildings in the town show that it has been a commercial center for quite a while. Swaffham is a pretty town with a good variety of houses that you can choose from for you and your family.

  1. King’s Lynn (Average property price of £256,588)

King’s Lynn is a town with a lot of history, mainly from medieval times. It was the port of King Lynn who had a large number of magnificent buildings, and places of attraction. The town still has several places of attraction, and it is a very popular location among tourists. According to Wales Cash Buyers,  King’s Lynn could be a great place to live for anyone that likes to live in an area with a lot of stories and adventure.