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Custom made sofa for living room

ByClare Louise

Apr 8, 2022

We all love to décor our living area as it is an essential area of every home which receives guests, and for this purpose we always try our best to give a welcoming look to our living room. We carefully chose every piece of décor that should be appealing and send out a positive and good vibe in the aura.

When we are selecting a piece of furniture for such area we go for custom made furniture and includes every little detail of your desire, and if when we have been shopping for a sofa but can’t find one that matches the exact picture in our head, perhaps a custom made sofa is the way to go and ultimate solution of your problem.

Designing and creating a custom-made sofa is quite complicated and for this reason, we are writing this blog to help you make the best custom sofa of your dreams for your living area.

  • Before buying or ordering a custom-made sofa, always decide your budget and how much money you want to spend on your sofa.
  • Custom sofa comes in a different range of price and it also depends on the quality and features you want on that piece of furniture.
  • The best part of custom-made furniture is that they are perfectly fit and functional.
  • Once you have decided how much money you want to spend now is the time to think about the size of a sofa, this depends on the size of your space.
  • If you have a small apartment then you can go for two cushion configurations. This is ideal for 3 people sitting.
  • These sofas give a cozy look to your space.
  • The second option is the standard size of a sofa, which is a three-cushion arrangement that is often used in every family; these sofas can accommodate three people and, on occasion, four people as well.
  • Many custom made sofas offer you to choose the desired depth you want.
  • Many custom made sofas allow you to have an average or considerably much deeper seating experience.
  • If you are taller a deeper sofa may be a more comfortable option available for you.
  • As you finish finalizing the budget and tackle the size issue now it’s time to opt for opting a frame for your sofa.
  • Before moving forward let me explain to you what a frame is, the wood or fiberboard foundation of furniture that the padding and upholstery cover is referred to as frames.
  • A frame of sofa comes in a wide range of styles from simple to elegant pieces of art.
  • There are various options available including a mid-century modern style sofa with clean lines and raised legs made up of wood and a classic back button sofa all complements well with the other decorative embellishment of your living space.
  • Picking up fabric is the most interesting part of designing a custom-made sofa, as the cloth you pick brings uniqueness and elegance to your space.
  • There are roughly 800 patterns of fabric and leather available.
  • Another thing which is important while making a sofa is the trim and legs of your sofa, nailhead and tufted are the most demanding styles available among individuals.
  • The legs are a significant part of the sofa as it holds your sofa. Either it makes it or breaks it. Always pick such legs for your sofa that perfectly fit with the style of your custom-made sofa.