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Do You Know When You Must Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner?

ByMatthew Hershberger

Jul 21, 2023

Typically, if your air conditioner is more than 12 years old, you must start observing its performance. Most air conditioners can perform for 15 to 20 years maximum. Beyond that, you may face many different issues with your air conditioner.

The following are a few main warning signs that your central air conditioner requires your special attention.

  1. Air flowing out from your vents is not right

If the air coming from your vents feels a little warm, there can be a major issue. Warm air coming from an air conditioner indicates a problem with your system. Your compressor is possibly damaged.

  1. The air conditioner does not respond properly to the thermostat

If your thermostat has certain problems then it may indicate several issues that need a professional investigation to find the real cause of the problem. Only after that, you can take your decision.

  1. You need to call the technician frequently

Despite your timely regular preventive maintenance, if you still need to call the technician more often to repair the problems with the air conditioner, then the best course of action will be to replace it.

  1. Strange noises are heard while your AC is running

There can be several reasons to cause noise in your air conditioner unit. However, if you ignore it for a long time then soon it can become a major issue and may need high expenses to repair it. 

  1. Leaking signs are observed from the unit

Leaks can have a number of reasons, but mostly caused by either refrigerant leaks or moisture accumulation surrounding the system. Both suggest that the system is not functioning well and may require major repairs or a complete replacement.

  1. Your air conditioner is too old

This we have already discussed in the beginning, which is an obvious sign that you must make your decision about replacement. 

  1. Your energy bill is absurdly rising

Even though the weather has not been very warm, a sudden increase in your energy bill may indicate that there is a problem with your central air conditioner. To make your replacement decision, contact a professional.

  1. You feel uncomfortable while the air conditioner is on

Your central air conditioner must offer you the necessary comfort. However, if it fails to cool down the temperature of your room, then your air conditioner is failing to perform.

If you are observing any of the above signs then better you call an expert in Heating and air conditioning and ask him to check your central air conditioner thoroughly. Based on his observation, you can take your decision on air conditioner replacement.

Whether your system fails to cool down your home anymore, or you smell something very odd then it is the right time to consider the replacement of your air conditioner system.

Therefore, you must call an expert whom you can trust. Fry is one of the well-known shops to address all your HVAC issues as they can send highly trained service technicians who are licensed in this profession.