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Find new build homes in the UK

ByMatthew Hershberger

May 24, 2022

The UK’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has been more popular than ever since its inception and is a useful tool to provide first time buyers with the most accessible route to the porch. It’s not without its criticisms, however, so this guide should help you decide whether to use the home loan program.

There have been a few different variants of the Buyer’s Allowance scheme over the years, the most recent version being a capital loan provided by the UK Government in. It currently has a completion date of March 2023 so it’s important you do it quickly if you plan to use the scheme when looking for new build houses for sale. The current program, the Home Equity Assistance Loan program, was first introduced in 2013 and offers first-time buyers the opportunity to purchase a new home with a very low down payment of around 5%, with up to 20% of the sale price of the property covered. through a government loan. This loan is then repaid when the house is sold according to the value of the property for more than 60% of all new home purchases.

Regional differences in purchase aid

There was concern that regional caps on purchase aid for loans in different areas could lead to ‘cliffs’ at the borders of regions. A report on the subject highlighted some areas, particularly the Southeast, where homes often sold for much more than the regional allowable limit. This means that the loan plan has not always been available for people living near these expensive areas.

If you are planning to move within London, the
rules are slightly different, mainly due to the fact that houses in London are much more expensive!Here’s a quick rundown:

You’ll need a five percent down payment and a mortgage for the remaining 55 percent. The state can grant up to 40% of a principal loan on which you pay no interest for the first five years. own 100% of the house. The top price in London is £600,000.

Another criticism of the program is that the prices for these new homes were artificially inflated, which was great for the builders but not so good for the buyer! It’s still a very good scheme to help beginners with their new home purchase. and there are many ways to determine if it is right for your needs. Try using a help-to-buy calculator to see if your next step might be supported along with the scheme.