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Fungus and mold in the bathroom: what are the dangers, and how do mold remediation services Weber County UT deals with them

ByMicheal Weingarten

Jun 4, 2022

A bathroom is a place where we can relax and carry out some beauty procedures. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean and comfortable. However, due to the high humidity, it is also an ideal place for the development of all kinds of fungi and mold. Their spores, which are harmless in the usual environment, start to grow rapidly once they get in a favorable damp and dark environment. Temperatures of +20°C, lack of light, and high humidity are ideal conditions for a fungus to settle down in your bathroom. So, if you have noticed the first signs of mold, you should immediately turn to professional services like mold remediation services Weber County UT to help you take care of it as quickly as possible.

How exactly can a fungus do harm to your health? If you hope that mold or fungus in the bathroom does not threaten your health and you can coexist comfortably with it, you are mistaken. First of all, fungi and mold look disgusting, which spoils the appearance of your favorite room and it causes certain psychological inconvenience. Secondly, it has a terrible smell, which also has a negative impact on your health. Thirdly mold can cause plenty of various diseases ranging from allergies to tuberculosis, and this can be the main reason why people turn to mold remediation services Weber County UT.

To be more precise, the mold itself is not very dangerous to health. What is really harmful is the billions of spores that it secretes and which scatter around. People breathe these spores without noticing that the air is poisoned. Once they get into the respiratory and circulatory system of an individual, mold and fungus spores can provoke a lot of diseases. First of all, these are allergic skin diseases that are difficult to treat (dermatosis and mycosis), respiratory diseases (cough, runny nose, bronchial asthma), diseases of the musculoskeletal system, inflammation of the joints, headaches of unknown origin, nausea, dizziness, and rheumatism. First of all, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are at risk.

It is possible to deal with the fungus, but it will be difficult to do it without the help of mold remediation services Weber County UT. First of all, you need to understand why mold comes uninvited to your house.

For the human body, humidity in the range of 70-80% is considered the norm. If your home has higher levels of humidity, most likely, you have the following favorable conditions:

  • plastic windows and no ventilation system;
  • indoor plants and animals;
  • you often wash and dry clothes at home;
  • the house is cool, and the humidity outside is high;
  • uneven heating of rooms, poor ventilation, etc.

Try to fix these flaws in your house to prevent the appearance of mold in the future. However, if it’s already there, it’s time you turned to mold remediation services Weber County UT to help you get rid of it.

Today, mold remediation services Weber County UT to help you get rid of it have powerful and reliable tools at their disposal, which allow them to quickly destroy the “silent killer”. They use them only according to the instructions and process the entire room. It’s necessary to find and eliminate the cause of the mold. In order to do this, mold remediation services Weber County UT remove all old coatings from the walls like tiles, plaster, whitewash, painting, etc. Then the walls are dried with a professional dryer or powerful lamps.

Only after removing the whole layer of old coating from the walls can mold remediation services Weber County UT start painting the walls. It is better to use waterproof paints that protect surfaces from excessive moisture.

If you want to get rid of the annoying fungus efficiently, you’d better entrust this task to professional services.