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How to Choose a Builder for an Extension?

ByClare Louise

Dec 24, 2022

Without the disruption of moving, adding an extension to your home can be a great way to increase space and flexibility. Picking the right builder to work on your house is crucial because it can determine whether or not your project to add an addition is a success. Here are some useful hints to assist you in finding a reputable extension builder Newcastle:

Check out reviews and testimonials

To read reviews and customer testimonials, visit a reputable website like Trustpilot. Check to see if your builder is a part of a trading organization. An extension builder Newcastle is not required to join one, but many do. And if they have, it will have been after a careful process. Some of the principal trade associations are:

  • The Guild of Builders,
  • The Federation of Master Builders,
  • The National Federation of Builders, and
  • The UK Government’s Trust Mark program.

Get written quotes and compare them

You should always request comparable written quotes from three to five extension builder Newcastle contractors. Ask the builder for references as well, or even better, ask if they can show you an example of a similar extension that he has completed for a client. The project’s timelines must be agreed upon. Costs will be kept in check and everyone’s attention will be maintained as a result. Develop clear plans and specifications by working with an architect.

Check the adherence to construction regulations

Ensure that all construction regulations are followed. Visit the website of your local council to learn more about local laws. Be sure to agree on a set of plans and specifications with your builder before you agree and sign a contract. This will help to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. The contract between you and your builder can also be managed by your architect or architectural consultant.

Enter into a contract or agreement

Finally, even if you decide to work without an architect, you should still enter into a contract or agreement with your builder. As a result, you can be sure that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and expectations. And in the long run, this ought to smooth out the process.

You have to work closely with the extension builder Newcastle who you select to construct your extension. Knowing and believing him is crucial. He would come to your home, so that you can show him the location of the extension. This will aid in his understanding of the desired result and assist you in determining whether you would feel at ease working with him. Keep in mind that he will frequent your home or the area near it.