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How to Pick the Right Iron Door Design for Your Colorado Home’s Style

ByMicheal Weingarten

Apr 7, 2022

Imagine walking down a street in Colorado with several Colonials in a row. Then imagine the front doors on those Colonials. A mismatched iron door would automatically draw attention to itself because it’s the crowning glory of your home exterior. But how do you go about choosing the right iron door design? The answer to that question might be easier than you think.

Wrought iron doors come in different designs, shapes, types, and sizes. Homes come in different architectural styles, and matching the two perfectly isn’t an exact science. For instance, just because I recommend a Dutch door for a Cape Cod-style home doesn’t mean you should only buy Dutch doors for your Cape Cod-style home.

Be that as it may, here are some of my iron door picks for different home styles in Colorado.

A Beverly for a Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod homes date back to the 1600s, at least in the US. Loosely inspired by thatched cottages but sporting taller roofs, these homes are traditional in the truest sense. While these homes have a certain symmetry, you might want to deviate from it right in the middle, thanks to windows equidistant to the front door on both sides.

Traditional homes deserve intricately designed iron doors, and nothing’s more intricate than Beverly Double Flat Top. Although this front door comes with a transom, I suggest keeping things simple with just the set of iron doors. It is, after all, the star of your frontage.

A Getty for a Colonial Home

Colonials are like Cape Cod homes in that they too date back to the 1600s and prioritize symmetry above all else. Colonial architecture has many features, and symmetry is the one thing they all have in common.

Colonials are all about those geometric lines from evenly-spaced windows to even-numbered columns to central chimneys. Therefore, they deserve a rather modern iron door, which didn’t exist in the 17th century, but sure does today.

The Getty – Double Flat is a set of double iron doors with symmetrical T-bars and high kickplates. It’s simple, straightforward, and blends seamlessly with a Colonial façade.

An Air 4 for a Contemporary Home

You may think you can use contemporary and modern interchangeably, but that’s simply not true. Contemporary architecture is similar to modern architecture in that it seeks to create an overlap between the indoors and outdoors. However, it doesn’t refer to a specific home design like those mentioned above.

In fact, a home is contemporary as long as it’s inspired by modern building ethics. By that logic, a home is contemporary as long as it’s built with sustainable materials, supports energy efficiency, and makes the best of natural light.

If a contemporary home is to have lots of natural light, it needs a front door with expansive glass. I don’t know about energy-efficient, but the Air 4 – Double Flat sure falls under the cost-efficient category of iron doors. It’s simple and features plenty of Low-E glass that leaves nothing to the imagination and creates brighter places, not to mention bigger spaces.

A Dutch Door for a Modern Home

It’s quite common to confuse a modern home with a contemporary one. Their architectures are quite similar. However, if I were to compare the two, I would say a modern home is slightly older than a contemporary home. It’s inspired by modernism, to which it owes the title, meaning it doesn’t have to do anything with looking all sleek, clean, and minimalistic.

However, modern architecture is all about sustainability and natural light, like contemporary architecture. And, yet again, we find ourselves looking at iron doors with expansive glass.

The Air 4 – Dutch Flat is the perfect iron door for a modern home featuring plenty of steel windows with Low-E glass. It features a top half that opens separately and with its bottom half and looks perfect open or shut or partially open or partially shut.

Discover the Perfect Wrought Iron Door for Your Colorado Property

Head over to Pinky’s Iron Doors to shop for the perfect modern iron door for your home. Peruse their virtual shelves for iron doors that are modern, traditional, and somewhere in between, steel doors that are available as front, interior, and patio doors, and cold weather doors that make the best entrance in Colorado.

Pair your front door with steel windows, fixed or otherwise, transoms, and sidelights that match your iron door and turn your home into a home with a view.

Reach out to the manufacturers to place an order for delivery to Colorado.

About the Author

Vanessa Copeland is an iron door designer based in Colorado. Copeland has designed many front doors across the state as an independent freelancer. She likes to watch movies in her spare time to catch more entry doors in the background and talk about them on her blogs. She also writes the odd serious blog about iron doors, imparting advice and recommendations.