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How to prevent drain and sewer line clogging? 

ByMatthew Hershberger

Dec 17, 2021

Not many focus on the drain lines in our house? While it may not make sense, clogged drains and sewer lines can be huge. The drain lines carry wastewater from our house to the sewer line. 

When the drains and sewer lines become clogged, it can be a huge problem. You should reach out to professional plumbing service providers who can help you get rid of clogged pipes and sewer lines. 

How to prevent clogging? 

While you can’t necessarily get it done all by yourself, you need to reach out to professionals. Some of the key ways to prevent clogging of drains and sewer lines include the following:

Check the greasy food

Many of us unknowingly dump all the greasy food in our basin, which is unhealthy and the root cause of clogging. Even if a little bit of grease goes down the drain, it can pave the way for a huge problem. 

However, fat isn’t the only kind of grease that will hamper the sewers, and it is also advisable to refrain from greasy food and sauces. 

When you dispose of any garbage in your basin, it will go down the drain. It would help if you refrained from putting meat trimmings, salad dressings, butter and even creamy sauces. 

Soap scum

While many may not focus on it, soap scum can be extremely problematic. Soap scum can lead to the drain being clogged. 

People living in areas with hard water will be prone to soap scum, which can be sticky and slimy. Many individuals also face problems due to whole-home water softeners. 

You may want to switch to body washes and liquid soaps, but it can be problematic. Liquid soaps create less soap scum. Therefore, you may want to use liquid soaps instead of general ones. 

Prevent hair from going down the drain

Hair can lead to pipes and clogs. You should keep a plunger handy to remove hairs from going down the drain. Experts recommend using a hair catcher made using mesh. 

When you install a mesh-like structure in your bathroom, you will be able to prevent hair from affecting it. Furthermore, it will keep your bathroom clean and help to contribute to maintaining clean drains. 

Copper sulphate

Tree roots are highly problematic for drain lines, and you need to ensure that the drains are free from tree roots. If you use half a cup of copper sulphate, you will be able to prevent it. 

Tree roots can easily clog the drains. Copper sulphate is highly effective. Furthermore, the roots can eventually affect the drain, harming the bush and trees. You should apply copper sulphate and allow it to drain properly, and this will help to clean the drains easily. 

Reaching out to professionals can play an essential role in removing clogs. If you want the pipes to be cleaned regularly, you need to reach out to professionals at Perth Plumbing Co. The plumbing company has certified professionals who can help you enhance the impact and clean these properly.