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How to Protect Your Driveway During Summers?

ByMatthew Hershberger

Oct 9, 2022

Winter has now gone and your concrete driveway must have suffered the abuse from fluctuating temperatures during the winter. Since now the climate is comfortable, so, it is the right time to properly inspect the driveway and do the necessary maintenance work.

This is the right time to call any concrete contractors OKC and if any damages are noticed on your concrete driveway, then get them repaired as soon as possible.

The following are a few activities that you can carry out during the summers for your concrete driveways.

Deep clean your driveway

There may be due to several reasons, your driveway must have become dirty to look at and becomes an eyesore. Summer is the right time to get it thoroughly cleaned by using a power washer.

But avoid keeping the nozzle of the hose too close to the floor.

Repair if any cracks seen

Summers are the right time to take up such small repair jobs on the concrete surfaces on your driveway that you have been holding for such a long time.

Smaller cracks can be easily repaired, however, bigger cracks need professional treatment. Hire a suitable professional.

Have your driveway resurfaced professionally

Having your concrete driveway professionally resurfaced occasionally is another option to shield it from the summer heat. Consider a situation where your driveway has several cracks and several areas where water is collecting. Then expert resurfacing is strongly advised.

Professionally reseal your driveway

Driveway sealer is a unique covering that can help in defending the concrete against deterioration and erosion. Additionally, the sealant makes it simpler to maintain your driveway’s cleanliness and clears it of dust, sand, dirt, leaves, and other debris.

Keep away any sharp objects from your driveway

A few sharp objects like shovels, lawn mower blades, and a few other sharp objects may crack and chip the driveway. To protect your driveway from all these sharp objects, you must have a gap of almost 6” between the driveway and the lawn.

Avoid parking your vehicles on the edges

The edges of the driveway may often break or crack due to the extreme weight of vehicles. Therefore, while parking a vehicle on the driveway, make sure that there must be at least 1’ away from the edge of your driveway.

Keep water to a minimum

You must ensure that water must flow off quickly from the driveway. It must be slightly sloped so that water may runoff quickly

Also, make sure that any rainwater or downspouts coming into your driveway quickly flow away into the yard and should not stay on the driveway floor.

Remove oil and stains immediately

Make sure that oil and stains are cleaned immediately to prevent any seeping through the sealant so that it may get soaked into the concrete.

Use a certain mild anti-grease detergent and remove oil and stains easily. You may need to scrub for more difficult stains.

Schedule a proper concrete driveway inspection

You may call any concrete contractors Oklahoma City to do a professional inspection of the condition of your driveway floor and take it up with him if any work is needed to be done.