• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

How you can Master Existence

If you wish to master existence then master your feelings.

Are you currently fed up with feeling powerless or unmanageable? Would you like to call the shots inside your existence? If that’s the case, then continue reading.

Feelings are due to our total mental condition including our conscious and subconscious ideas. Without deep attention we become slaves to the feelings. Using conscious methods and awareness we are able to identify and label our ideas, understand them, and lastly manipulate or control our feelings.

Why so much interest? You’ll either master your emotional condition or it’ll master you. You may not wish to be present the moods and fears of the unconscious mind?

When fear and uncertainty dominate our mental landscape we retreat. For many people, our anxiety about discomfort or failure is more powerful than our desire to have success therefore we limit our risks and adventures to feel safe as well as in control. Whenever we limit ourselves we frequently become lethargic and passive. Your existence becomes mechanical. Before long you might experience frustration and potentially depression. This can be a volitile manner that may result in an unpleasant ending.

The first step in pulling using this deadly tailspin would be to observe. Review your moods. Search hard to know the origin associated with a fears or doubts. Identify your ideas as helpful or otherwise helpful. Be responsible for the feelings. It might appear overwhelming initially, however it will get simpler and you’ll gain power.

Second step is to modify your emotional condition. Pressure of will does not always work. Go for a walk on a sunny day, go somewhere where you can find children playing, or pay attention to music. Positive mantras or videos could be a great aid for altering your mental landscape.

Having a positive mental condition you can start to take control of the feelings. Learn how to appreciate that which you have. Find out the supply of any negative feelings that remain. A bitterness or cynical attitude frequently suggests a concealed belief that should be introduced towards the surface and examined.

Finally, use positive feelings and associations for self motivation, and also to develop courage. Should you must, use negative associations to push you out of trouble of stagnant situations. Tell yourself that you’ll rot should you carry on doing the same kind of factor. The important thing here’s that you should maintain charge. It is sometimes appropriate to feel regret or fear. Feel it, face the facts, comprehend it, and move ahead. Don’t allow the myriad fears of the reptilian brain dictate your existence.