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Is it good to have velvet curtains?

ByMatthew Hershberger

Jan 3, 2022

Is it good to have velvet curtains? The answer to this question is a big yes! Especially if you want your curtains to look beautiful, elegant, and expensive. Selecting any curtain fabrics depends upon how much privacy you want, how much money you can spend, and how much care you can do to keep it maintained. The right choice can enhance your home look entirely and on the other hand, the wrong choice can make your place dull or dark. Velvet is the solution to all your problems. Its smooth and heavy fabric is considered the epitome of luxury. Here in this guide, we’ll discuss the three most common types of velvet curtains;

3 Types Of Velvet For Curtains

Velvet comes with a lot of variety and all of them are expensive and elegant. If you’re considering buying velvet for your curtains, you need to go through some of its types to choose the right one for your home. Let’s get started;

  1. Crushed Velvet

As the name suggests, this type of fabric has a crushed appearance that is obtained after twisting the fabric while it is wet. This crinkle look provides a shimmery touch to the fabric. Curtains of Crushed velvet are one of the most stylish, beautiful, and lavish choices to opt for because they beautify your pace by adding both a contemporary and vintage touch. Moreover, they offer a lot of benefits such as privacy, temperature maintenance, light control, security, and energy-efficient.

  1. Embossed Velvet

You might be familiar with the term embossed. It is simply referred to as stamping a design into any object. Embossed velvet is the same thing; shape, symbols, words, flowers, or anything is embossed onto the velvet fabric. Thinking of renovating your home with some unique style? If yes, you should go for embossed velvet curtains.

You have so many options like colors, prints, and designs to choose from. For people who want their home to look cooler in the summers, velvet curtains embossed with flowers would be a good choice. So, you can choose any embossed print velvet curtains according to your desires.

  1. Silk Velvet

Silk velvet curtains are one of the most expensive yet popular choices to opt for. It may give you a shimmer look, causing the fabric to look lighter or darker from different angles, usually when threads reflect the light. Known for its lustrous sheen, silk velvet creates a beautiful and prestigious drape because of its heavyweight.

It would be a perfect choice for winters to keep the cold air outside. You may also block unwanted light with these curtains when desired. Silk velvet curtains have been used by royal families for so long because of their luxurious look.

 So, Is Velvet A Good Choice?

No doubt it is! Now you know the miraculous advantages and types of velvet for curtains, you may think about adding it to your house soon. This is the most luxurious opt one can go for because it can give your home a royal touch. But make sure to buy velvet fabric curtains from a trustworthy company otherwise artificial fabric may damage soon and you may have to spend more money replacing them.