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Kinds of Wood Floor Finishes – Which Have You Got?


Aug 27, 2021 #Finishes, #Wood Floor

First you need to determine which kind of finish you’ve. With this article we’ll discuss the greater common finish types. Here are a few easy techniques that will help you pick which one you’ve.


Coatings are extremely popular today since they’re durable, water-resistant and wish minimal maintenance. Coatings are blends of synthetic resins. These finishes most frequently known as urethanes or polyurethane’s stick to the top of wood and form a safety coating. They can be obtainable in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte. Coatings are most suitable for rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Varnish/Shellac Finishes

When the floor was installed, or last serviced, prior to the mid ’60s, you need to assume the conclusion used was Varnish or shellac. To find out this, provide simple facts having a gold coin or any other sharp object inside a corner or any other off traffic space. When the finish flakes, it’s most likely shellac or varnish. Shellac and varnish are hardly ever used any longer and wish full sanding to get rid of before use of a surface finish or wax finish.

Wax Finish

To determine the floor for any wax finish visit an off traffic area, whether corner or behind a door, then apply two drops water. If, within 10 mins, white-colored spots appear underneath the drops water, the ground includes a wax finish. To get rid of the white-colored spots, lightly rub the spots with #000 steel made of woll dampened with wax. When the finish doesn’t flake from scratching having a gold coin and white-colored spots don’t appear in the drops water, the ground includes a surface finish and really should be maintained accordingly.