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Laminate abrasion class:

ByMatthew Hershberger

Jun 26, 2022

Over the day, your flooring is subjected to a variety of stresses, including drops, spills, furniture, and light to heavy foot traffic. Although all laminate flooring is long-lasting and resistant to many types of damage, some flooring is designed to be more resilient than others to meet specific needs in a home or business. Noting the abrasion class rating of your laminate flooring is one measure to decide whether it is tough enough for daily use in your space. If you’re building a new home or replacing a floor in an existing one, you should learn about laminate class ratings so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Since you’ve never heard of laminate abrasion class ratings, do not worry; we’ll go over everything you need to know about AC ratings in this blog.

When shopping for laminate flooring, it is critical to understand how it will perform under specific traffic conditions over time. Laminate AC ratings have been implemented to protect users by offering a guide to getting their money’s value.

The AC rating determines the durability of laminate flooring, assisting you in determining its suitability for its intended application is a residential or commercial application.

Let me explain what AC is. AC stands for “Abrasion Class,” and the AC rating you have seen on product details is a globally agreed system of classification of laminate flooring durability., a laminate is subjected to a variety of testing methods by the European Standard EN 13329:2000 to assess its long-term abrasion resistance.

The Taber abrasion machine, an abrasive wheel, and a leather wheel are among the testing methods used. A specific grade of sandpaper is also used to wear away at the surface layer of the laminate until a certain point of wear is reached.

A laminate is assigned an abrasion class ranging from AC1 to AC5 based on the results of the tests. AC5 is the most wear-resistant class. Knowing the various types of AC ratings will help you shop wisely.

AC1 laminate flooring is only appropriate for rooms with light foot traffic. Experts usually advise installing this product in guest bedrooms and dining rooms that are only used occasionally.

Because AC2 laminate is intended for areas with moderate foot traffic, experts do not recommend installing it in high-traffic areas including such hallways or living rooms. Even so, laminate floors with an AC2 score are useful for high areas such as family rooms and bedrooms.

AC3 laminate flooring has the highest rating for homeowners and is designed for use in any domestic area with heavy foot traffic. This included living rooms, hallways, conservatories, stairs, and kitchens, among other things.

The AC4 rating is the first to be created especially for commercial use. AC4 laminate is appropriate for medium-traffic commercial spaces such as boutiques, offices, beauty salons, and coffee shops.

The highest durability rating is AC5. AC5 is appropriate for high-traffic commercial districts such as eateries, retail spaces, grocery stores, and public buildings with a high volume of back-and-forth traffic.