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Live Large, Spend Less: Why McAllen Should Be Your Next Home

ByWilliam Toth

Feb 20, 2024

McAllen has homes for every taste and lifestyle, from small bungalows to huge family homes to opulent estates. Residents seeking a house will find this city appealing due to its broad real estate market and active community spirit. The town accommodates all ages and backgrounds, from vibrant central neighborhoods to quiet suburban nooks. In this diverse real estate market, McAllen, TX, real estate experts at The Gutierrez Realty Group can help you find the right home for your needs.

Buying a home in McAllen

This guide can help you through the home-buying process in McAllen:

Plan your finances

It makes sense to assess your finances realistically. Before showing you the property, some sellers want to ensure you can afford it. They may require your bank statement or pre-approval to prove you can afford the home. Understanding local lending laws or hiring a financial advisor or reputable lawyer can help you.

Hire the Right Agent

Find your McAllen ideal house with the help of experts. Choose a real estate agent with a solid portfolio. Choose someone who understands what you want in a standard or luxury home, not just the latest trends. Your privacy and secrecy must be the agent’s primary priority.

 Choose Location Carefully

Understand the neighborhood where you want to buy. Think long-term. Future developments in the area? Plans for new buildings or high-rises near you? Will they obscure the stunning views you’re paying a lot for?

Visit House More Than Once

Be wary of online pictures and video walkthroughs. Professional photographers or intensive editing may have produced such gorgeous photographs. Always inspect it yourself, preferably multiple times. You may visit the residence during the day and compare it at night. More excursions make you more certain of your choice.

Get a New Home Inspection

As much as you love the classy home, make sure everything works. Hire new or luxury house inspectors who can assess high-end appliances.

Living in McAllen

Factors that make McAllen popular among potential homebuyers include:

Low living costs

One reason people move to McAllen is its low cost of living. This area has a 20% cheaper cost of living than the national average. These low prices are owing to reduced prices on almost all basic commodities, including lodging, transportation, food, and services.

It is safe

McAllen has 14% less crime than the rest of the country, making it a safe place to live. Additionally, this mid-sized city has a violent crime rate of 0.98 per 1000 persons, 78% lower than the national average.

A strong economy

One of Texas’ most attractive rising markets is McAllen. This has led to new businesses and retailers opening, boosting McAllen’s economy and creating jobs. This city is one of Texas’s fastest-growing cities due to its retail and manufacturing sectors.

Downtown is nice

Downtown McAllen, near Mexico, attracts hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors yearly. Along 17th Street, the Arts District, World Birding Center, Cine El Rey, and Archer Park are popular downtown attractions.

Higher education opportunities

McAllen has several top-notch colleges, including South Texas College, which offers two-year degrees in over 50 fields. The International Interior Design Association awarded the McAllen Public Library main branch a Top Design Award.