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Pre-sale Inspection -Advantages and Applications

ByMicheal Weingarten

Dec 27, 2021

Are you looking to list your house or commercial space in the real estate market? Do you have a property that is not in use currently and needs to be sold off? If you are looking to sell a property or building easily and quickly while making sure you get the proper price, then this article is for you.

Buildings are generally considered as an asset because they can be mortgaged or sold off at higher prices in the future. But the condition and structural health of your house or commercial place play a major role in determining its value in the open real estate market. Fortunately, procedures from reputed companies, like building inspection by Homa Inspection can help you in sorting out the actual condition of your house or building.

There are many advantages to getting your house or commercial space inspected by a reputed agency. Some of the main up-sides of a pre-sale inspection are as follows:

  • Faster sale of the building
  • Easier to sell the building
  • Improves the price of the property
  • Trusted transaction
  • Enhances credibility of the sales offer.
  • Peace of mind after the sale.

Faster sale

It has been reported that houses that undergo a pre-sale inspection have a 30% faster chance of hitting a sale after getting listed on the real estate market. This is because a pre-sale inspection report can validate the credibility of your house.

Easier sale of the building

A pre-sale inspected house will be a more credible and sought-after property in the market as it will be safer to buy. A person looking for a house to buy will automatically feel more confident about a house that has been inspected by a professional team and certified to be safe and hygienic.

Improves pricing

After a pre-sale inspection, one thing that becomes clear is the structural condition and general health of your building. This can help in repair work and other minor changes to be done in the house. After clearing the minor issues related to the property, you can confidently quote a better price for your house.

Peace of mind

A pre-sale inspection can guarantee a seller the condition at which he sold the house and ensure that nothing was left unaddressed. A buyer can also rest assured that the property he purchased is true to the offer made. This ensures peace of mind for both the seller and buyer.

In short, a pre-sale inspection is beneficial to both the parties – seller and buyer in so many ways.

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