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Reasons For So Many Millipedes in the House 

ByMatthew Hershberger

May 14, 2022

Millipedes are a thousand legs creepy creatures that you find commonly in your garden and slowly move into your homes. They aren’t harmful however their presence at home isn’t preferable as they always move in many numbers. They are classed in scavengers group as they feed on decaying greeneries around the house. They are often found in loads in moist places during excessive rainy days. 

This is because of their creepy appearance and they move in a large group, hence they aren’t acceptable at home. People living in Manchester often try various methods to remove them forever. One of the most effective ways is to call Pest Control Manchester and deal with these pest problems effectively. Their thirty years of experience dealing with any kinds of pests have marked them as skilled pest controllers. Their guidance helps to evade pests like millipedes with ease. 

The prime reason for millipedes to enter your home is that they don’t like extreme cool spots. In winter and excessive rainy times the outside environment is quite cold thus they find a way to move into warmer surroundings like constructed places. Even in drought time, they creep inside homes in search of water. At home, they are usually found in damp places like your laundry room, bathrooms and basements. 

Here are the effective ways to get rid of them:

  • Any kind of cracks or holes in the house needs to be sealed. It can be your door cracks, plumbing holes from where they can enter the home. You need to even seal or block the expansion joints of the wall and basements. 
  • It will be helpful to repair any leaky faucets present on the exterior as well as inside of the house. The leakage in air conditioner units needs to be checked by professionals. The continuous water leakage is a type of invitation to the pests for settling in your home, thus avoiding it. 
  • It is best to use a dehumidifier appliance at home to keep the airflow constant. Many people stop using fans during the rainy and winter season. Thus, the warmth of the home attracts the pest to enter as they try to avoid nestling in a too damp or cool place outside. 
  • The gutter guard tools help to prevent them from entering the house from the gutter where they usually settle. Open gutters are often the breeding place of many kinds of pests, thus always keeping them blocked. 
  • The pipe water when overflows during the rainy season shouldn’t splash on the walls of the house. It is best to extend them to flow the water into any drains. 
  • The outside place of the home should be kept clean of debris. It is because the dampness under the wet-dry leaves and dead plants help them to cluster around. 
  • Many people don’t take care of the lawn or most of the time water the place. Thus, the dampness remaining in the soil and overgrown grass gives the millipedes a chance to thrive. 

It is always helpful to call a professional pest controller to inspect your home to find any holes and entry points that need to be treated to keep the pests at bay.