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Save your back – How do removalists make moving heavy items a breeze?

ByMatthew Hershberger

Nov 4, 2023
Things Movers Pack for You

The number one thing you do to save your back when moving is to hire professional removalists or a moving company. Removalists are specially trained in proper lifting techniques and have trolleys, lifts, and ramps designed for transporting heavy furniture and appliances with ease. They know how to safely disassemble and reassemble items to get them through doorways and maneuver them up and down stairs. Removalists have experience safely packing trucks to maximize space and prevent your belongings from shifting during transport. Let the removalists do the heavy lifting while you focus on packing and organizing the lighter items.

Proper technique and training  

Removalists undergo specific training on how to properly lift heavy objects without injury. They know to always bend at the knees while keeping their back straight when picking up heavy items. Their leg muscles bear the brunt of the weight rather than putting strain on the back. Removalists avoid twisting their body while lifting, which causes back muscles and discs to tear. They also receive training on how to grip and hold bulky items such as mattresses, couches, and appliances to maintain control and prevent slipping. Their experience moving a wide variety of odd-shaped and heavy objects means removalists have perfected proper lifting techniques for any moving situation.

Load lifting equipment

Removalists employ a variety of load-lifting equipment to transport heavy items so you don’t have to. Appliance dollies allow refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other heavy appliances to be strapped on securely and wheeled to the truck. Stair climbers are used to transport bulky furniture up and down staircases. Extra hands are available to hold items in place as they are maneuvered. Hydraulic lifts hoist overweight objects like safes and pianos up truck ramps with minimal effort. Proper use of this specialized gear allows removalists Melbourne to Sydney to safely move even heavy and awkward items.

Experience working as a team 

Removalists frequently work in pairs or teams when heavy lifting is required. They communicate clearly to coordinate lifting, loading, and transporting large items. One removalist may be responsible for maneuvering one end while the other controls the opposite end. Four removalists may be deployed to carry heavy objects like gun safes or marble countertops. When navigating staircases, tight spaces, or loading trucks, they alert each other before shifting items. Their teamwork ensures no person bears too much weight and allows them to move heavy objects without back strain. 

Less hassle for you

Doing your moving often means making multiple trips with smaller loads in your vehicle. You also have to source your loading equipment and materials. Removalists have everything they need to transport all your items efficiently in a single trip. No need to borrow or rent transport gear. Simply point out what needs to be moved and let the removalists take it from there. They even disassemble and reassemble furniture as part of the service. Sit back while the removalists work together to lift and expertly maneuver your heaviest possessions.