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Signs You Need to Call a Pest Control Pro Today

ByMicheal Weingarten

Jan 10, 2024

Pests can quickly disrupt the peace in your home. From scurrying mice to hardy insects, these unwanted guests can damage your home and pose health risks to your family. The key question is when to hire pest control professionals. Learn more about pest detection to protect your home and improve your family’s health and living space.

What is pest control?

Pest control involves systematically managing and regulating pests in an environment. It uses a variety of approaches to reduce or eliminate pests to preserve human health, property, and the environment. Pest control helps reduce damage to structures, food contamination, illness spread, and resident discomfort. It entails finding and using chemical and non-chemical pest management technologies that minimize damage to non-target species and the ecosystem.

To control pests efficiently, you must understand their behavior, biology, and surroundings. Integrated pest management (IPM) includes sanitation, habitat change, biological control, and precision pesticide application. The method depends on the bug, infestation, and location. Pest control is a proactive and adaptable procedure that balances pest management, ecological sustainability, and human health and property.

When to book pest control services

Below are signs that you need the help of pest control experts:

Presence of bug droppings or urine in your house

Don’t ignore rodent droppings or bug activity. Professional pest control can eliminate bugs and prevent further infestations. A prudent pest control company will inspect your home to find the right treatment for the bug.

Audible Signs of Rodents

Constant gnawing sounds, especially at night, may indicate a rat infestation in your home. Ignoring these auditory cues can increase the chances of property damage and health concerns. In such cases, hire a pest control company immediately. Their skilled professionals can locate the sounds, examine the infestation, and exterminate and prevent rodents.

Signs of live pests

A home with live pests like rats or cockroaches is at risk of infestation. Pest control professionals can locate pests, develop a treatment plan, and offer preventative advice.

Scattered wings in your home

Flying insects like termites or ants may leave wings in your home, especially near windows or light sources. Expert pest management can inspect your property, analyze the infestation, and administer specific treatments to eliminate flying pests and prevent re-infestation.

Observation of wooden dust

A sign of termite infestation is the accumulation of wooden dust, particularly near furniture or structural parts. Hire professional pest control quickly to save your home. Pest control professionals can assess the infestation, cure termite colonies, and provide long-term protection.

Hollow sounds from tapping

If tapping on floors or furniture produces hollow sounds, termite damage may be present. In such instances, expert pest treatment is necessary. Pest control professionals may check your house to assess the damage, create a treatment plan, and destroy termite colonies while protecting its structural integrity.

Persistent foul odor

A persistent unpleasant stench in your home may indicate concealed pest infestations, such as rodents or insects. Professional pest treatment is advised in such circumstances. These professionals may evaluate the area, find the source of the stink, and exterminate the bugs that cause it. They can also advise on pest and odor control.