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Synthetic Grass VS Natural Grass

ByWilliam Toth

Sep 4, 2021

The visual aesthetic of your outdoor area is what impresses guests when visiting your home. A lawn that uses as an added decoration, aside from giving space for any sports or ground construction, is essential to sustain the landscaping of your place.

Due to technological advancement, there are two options to choose from when deciding to have your outdoor space a new and inviting appearance. It is either synthetic grass or natural grass. Yet, selecting which is the best can be difficult. So, to help you, here are the difference between the two options based on their maintenance costs and benefits.

Total Cost of Maintenance

In natural grass, planting of seeds costs lower compare to pre-grown like sodding. Yet, lay sod is the most used option for it produces instant lawn through regular watering instead of seeding. Typically, pure turf needs water requirements that range from at least 150,000 gallons a year.

For your natural lawns to remain freshly-looking, it needs fertilizer and reseeding supplies. The average use of fertilizer is four times a year, while overseeding can perform yearly. Overall, it can be both expensive and time-consuming. Yet, it will maintain your lawn healthy.

In contrast, artificial grass installation has the slightest maintenance that includes only minimal watering and brushing to rinse down or remove mud and pet waste. The cleaning of lawns can perform once a month, while the applying of odor control can run every other month so, its costs are lesser than natural grass.

Environmental Benefits and Aesthetic

Natural lawn benefits include releasing oxygen, improving air quality, and removing any pollutions, that contributes to maintaining a good ecosystem. It also has diverse species with unique grass blades like a flat, round, or sharp. So, you can select which grass types suit your preference.

On the other hand, artificial grass benefit includes minimal water consumption, less maintenance, and no fertilizers and pesticides needed to keep the lawn from its actual texture and size. Its resistance to climate issues without being subject to tear and wear is one of its unique facets. Synthetic grass also has variations of styles, colors, and dimensions that can give a new appearance in your home’s outdoor space.

Synthetic and natural turf is viable options. Since both have different costs and benefits, your choices will vary based on your sustainable preference.

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