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The Top Things Homeowners Forget When Planning a New Roof

ByDonald Marshall

Oct 31, 2023

A full roof replacement on a house—especially a house you’re living in—can feel like an intimidating project. Fortunately, a good roofing company will take care of most of the details and help with early-stage planning.

However, owners also need to prepare houses for the roofing project as the start date draws nearer. Forgetting important steps can create delays or even damage other parts of a home. Don’t let steps like these get forgotten!

Pack Away Vulnerable Rooms

Some areas of the house are more vulnerable than others when a roof is replaced. Certain rooms could be exposed to the open area or falling dust and debris as the old roof is removed and new materials are installed.

If you store anything in your attic or have converted the attic to a different kind of room, check to see if you’ll need to cover or move items. Another spot that may need protection is an attached garage, which may also be left open to the elements. This depends on the specific design of your house, so you can always ask the opinion of a professional to learn more.

Clear Around the Outside of the House

While roofers can handle many steps on their own, owners still need to make sure all access to the roof is clear. That includes the exterior border of the roof and all the ground beneath it. Many homeowners may need to move furniture, grills, toys, and potted plants to a safe spot when the roof replacement project begins. You may also have to find a new spot for your own vehicles while the roofers are present.

In some cases, your roofer may ask you to move certain parts of landscaping that are in the way. Typically, roofers can work around landscaping, but there may be exceptions. If you have particularly vulnerable plants, it’s a good idea to let roofers know and cover them during the day so they don’t get damaged.

Remove Any Sensitive Decor Indoors

Roofing work is loud and causes vibrations throughout a house. That means carefully balanced décor or décor hanging on walls could come loose and get damaged. Check anything hanging on the walls of your house, including art, mirrors, and pictures. If they’re loose, take them down while the roofing work is happening. It’s also a good idea to check fine dining ware and similar displays that are precarious enough to crash down due to vibration.

Arrange Schedules for Kids and Pets

Very young children and pets may not do well with the loud noises and vibrations that a new roof installation creates. If that’s going to be a problem during day hours, consider finding a place for sensitive house members to stay for a few days while the noisiest parts of the projects are completed.

Take Down Satellite Dishes, Antennas, and More

Anything attached to your roof needs to be removed prior to the replacement. For many houses, that means taking down satellite dishes and antennas to prepare for the work. In other cases, you may have to detach awnings or make similar changes to other rooftop accessories before roofers can get to work.

When planning a roof replacement with a roofing contractor in Montgomery, IL, ask any questions you have about these issues or how else you need to prepare. Remember, certain steps will depend on your roof, backyard, access points, and other situations. That’s why it’s so important to get an in-person consultation from one of the teams that will be working on your roof.