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Things Movers Pack for You and Things They Won’t Move


Jun 21, 2023
Things Movers Pack for You

Moving to a new home is an exciting yet daunting task. It requires careful planning and organization and can be quite stressful when it comes to packing up all of your belongings. You may be wondering what you should pack yourself and what tasks a professional mover will take on for you.

Knowing the answers to these questions can help make the moving process much smoother and less overwhelming. Here’s everything you need to know about what movers pack for you – as well as items they won’t move – so that your relocation goes smoothly from start to finish!

What Do Movers Pack for You?

The type of packing services offered by moving companies will vary, so it is important to check with your specific provider for details. Generally speaking, movers in Vancouver will be responsible for packing up all of the contents in your home and labeling them appropriately when they arrive at their new destination.

This includes furniture, clothes, kitchen wares, electronics, toys, art, décor, and any other items you don’t want to pack yourself. Professional movers will also provide all the necessary packing materials, such as bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and labels, to ensure that your possessions are safely and securely transported.

Keep in mind that the costs for the packing services provided by moving companies might vary, and it is essential to discuss your needs with the company ahead of time. Inquire about their packing rates and make sure you understand the extent of their services before signing a contract. By being informed and knowing how to pick the best moving company, you can ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

What Movers Won’t Move?

While professional movers will pack up most of the contents in your home, there are certain items that they won’t move for you. These potentially hazardous materials include chemicals, explosives, firearms, plants, and food. Additionally, some companies may also refuse to move items such as propane tanks or items that require special equipment or tools to be moved safely.

It is important to check with your moving company before the move and ensure that you are aware of any items they will not take. To protect your belongings, make sure that all hazardous materials are safely disposed of prior to the move and arrange for special transporting of any items that require extra attention.

To Wrap Up

Moving can be quite stressful and overwhelming, but understanding what your movers will pack for you – as well as items they won’t move – can make the process much smoother. Professional movers will typically pack up most of the contents in your home, although there are certain hazardous materials that they won’t transport.

So, make sure to check with your specific mover ahead of time and arrange for the disposal or special transporting of any items they won’t move. With a bit of preparation, your move can go more smoothly, and you can start to enjoy your new home in no time.