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Tips on how to keep your tiles clean and shiny

ByMicheal Weingarten

Jan 22, 2022

Tiles are the most important element of a house which gives the residents and guests a positive aura while living in it. If the tiles are not selected with utmost care while building your house then the whole concept of a happy home is ruined forever.    

To select the best quality and affordable tile you need to be equipped with enough research about every little detail of tiles. Companies like Ceramic au Sommet have a wide range of tiles and other flooring materials that you can purchase at a very affordable rate. 

Once the tile is selected and paved in the house now the biggest challenge is the maintenance of the tiles. Most people think that daily or weekly cleaning with a mop and liquid is more than enough for your tiles. But in reality, tiles require more than a weekly mop cleaning to maintain their texture and quality.

Simple ways to take care of your tiles

The tiles and grout can be taken care of through some simple hacks.

  • Use surfactants that are less industrial and more organic. This way the glossy nature of the tiles can be maintained for a longer period. Also, the thickness of the tiles is not affected.
  • Do not use steel scrub or materials of such abrasive character to clean the tiles and grout. These materials will leave behind permanent marks on the tile surface. Once the tile is left with scratch marks then it becomes very difficult to revert them to the original stage.
  • Do regular polishing and repairs on the tile. Whenever you see a broken or loose tile do not think twice to fix it. This can help in retaining the floor orientation for a longer period.
  • Avoid using hard sole shoes or footwear on the tiles. This is the major cause of tiles turning old and dirty very soon. Also, the footwear causes tiles to lose their glossiness.
  • Always remember to clean the grout while cleaning the floor. This is the key to giving the floor an extra clean look.
  • Do not use the same surfactant for the entire flooring. Depending on the type of tiles, select the surfactant wisely. For example, the kitchen floor might require a much harder and insoluble cleaning agent to wipe it clean. But the bedroom and living areas might only need a simple and organic cleaning agent.

These are some of the techniques you can apply to keep your tile floor glowing forever. If you’ve been meaning to buy the best quality and you live in Montreal, Céramique au Sommet tiles are some of the best options.