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Tips on How to Make Your Small Montana House Look Bigger


Jun 21, 2022

Many Montana homeowners feel that they don’t have enough space in the house. A lot can change over the years, and various reasons lead to this sentiment. The good news is that you don’t need a new place to make your place look bigger. Some subtle changes will get the job done, increasing your home value. This includes adding iron doors. Here’s all you need to know about making your small Montana house look bigger:

Let in More Light

Any space will feel constrained if they don’t have sufficient lighting. When rooms are poorly lit, much of the space gets hidden from view, and we’re unable to perceive its depth as well as we should. Ideally, you’d want to use natural lighting as it saves energy, improves the home aesthetically, and makes the room look bigger than it is.

You can open up a window to achieve this. Utilize something like a large iron door with glass frames in isolated spaces to allow light from the outside and give it that extra layer of illumination it needs.

Use Glass

Glass is a great material to use when you’re hoping to go minimalist. A minimalist home design can also add more volume to your living space. You have a lot of choices when it comes to glass installations for your home. Each of them will help your place look more spacious and make the home design pop.

You also have the option of using iron doors and windows, which also come with large glass panels that achieve the same purpose. Additionally, they add a bit more finesse to your property.

Add Contrast

While many people might be tempted to go with an all-white look to add the illusion of space, it’s not always ideal, as the lack of contrast makes things dull. While you can go with lighter colors to make everything look more spaced out, dark-colored installations, especially your doors and window frames, will add more definition to your space. You can also use them as framing opportunities.

Rather than looking like a blank canvas, your space will look more refined and allow you to distinguish different decorative elements easily.

Add Windows

Steel windows also do a great job of making your space look a lot bigger. Firstly, your vision is drawn to the outdoor area through the window. This adds more depth to the space instead of it being limited to the walls of the area. Secondly, it gives you extra lighting, which, as previously stated, also makes things look more defined.

With fewer cupboards and other objects covering the walls, thanks to your windows, you have a cleaner layout that opens up your living space.

Move Clutter Around

Another huge mistake homeowners make is having too much stuff in a space. When you’re bumping into stuff around the place or have stuff covering up most of the walls and sides, the area will likely become cramped, and the whole space will look smaller.

Decluttering your space and going with a more subdued look will do wonders for the area in question, making it look much bigger than it is. Doing so, especially removing older installations from walls, can also make room for new iron door and window installations.

Set Up a Sliding Door

Sliding doors are another excellent option for homeowners looking to make their homes appear more spacious. Generally, you need to move around your items and stack them untidily to make way for a swinging door. Sliding doors, on the other hand, sit against the wall, not requiring you to move any furniture.

Since these doors don’t swing inward or outward, you get additional space in your property. Moreover, sliding doors also help illuminate your interior space. Whether they’re shut or open, you can expect a great deal of natural lighting through them, especially if they’re near the patio.

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