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What Are The Unique Styles Of Skirting Cover?

ByClare Louise

Aug 27, 2023
skirting pipe cover

For the interior design of the house, the style of the skirting boards plays the most important role. It will have a direct impact on the aesthetic and ambiance of the place. They are generally available in a variety of profiles and designs, you need to be careful and choose the profile that is best for the house.

Let’s have a look at some of the common types of the profile of skirting pipe cover. With time there are both the modern and traditional forms of the cover available. Based on the choice and requirement and choice a genuine selection can be done by a person.


Are you searching for a modern option style for the skirting board cover? The flat profile is a minimalist and modern style of skirting board cover. It has a simple, linear style that melds perfectly with modern interior decor.

Flat skirting board coverings have a streamlined and unobtrusive appearance that makes them perfect for rooms with a clean, minimalist design. It melds perfectly with current and sophisticated interior styles.

Chamfered Profile

If the shape of the edges has changed, the item might be classified as having chamfered edges. Beveled edges on skirting board coverings with chamfered profiles give the space a subtle sense of finishing. This design balances contemporary and traditional elements, making it adaptable to different interior styles.

Chamfered profiles give off a clean appearance while adding a bit of refinement. This design is adaptable and looks great in both traditional and contemporary settings, offering a touch of sophistication.


Ogee skirting board coverings are distinguished by their elaborate ornamentation and S-shaped curves. This elegant design is frequently related to traditional or Victorian interiors.

Ogee profiles give a room a regal feel, making them appropriate for spaces where a more elaborate aesthetic is sought. Going with the ogee covers will be a wonderful decision if you want to give the area an overall decorative appearance.

Bullnose Profile

The profile of bullnose skirting board coverings is rounded and semicircular. This style smooths out a room’s edges to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. As a result of their rounded shape, bullnose profiles are frequently employed in areas where safety is a concern.

Custom Profile

Custom skirting board coverings provide countless design options for people looking for something personalized. You can obtain a unique look for your area by working with artisans or manufacturers to produce a profile that suits your unique design idea.

Pencil Round Profile

The smooth, rounded edge of pencil-shaped skirting board covers is reminiscent of a pencil’s side. This design gives the bottom of the wall a little curvature, giving it a softer, more modern aspect. Modern rooms look great with pencil round profiles, which can also contribute to a pleasing visual flow.

When choosing the right skirting cover for your space, it’s important to consider factors beyond materials and styles. Think about the functionality of the skirting cover, as it should not only enhance the aesthetics but also serve its primary purpose, which is to conceal wires, cables, and provide protection to your walls.