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What Are Water Tiles and What Do They Do?


Apr 25, 2023

Water tiles act as body sprays for your shower and can help you integrate a spa-like experience in your bathroom. They also serve as shower accents and provide your bathroom with a sleek look. You will come across water tiles in different colours, and you will also be able to find them with different numbers of nozzles. 

Water tiles are perfect for your bathroom and other moisture-prone areas of your home. It will protect your bathroom from water vapour and issues caused by it. Check out what else water tiles can offer protection against:

  • Mould and Mildew

Water that seeps behind tiles and into walls or floors can cause leaks and foster the growth of mould and mildew. Mould sensitivity can cause symptoms like stuffy nose, wheezing, red or itchy eyes, skin irritation, and more. People with allergies and asthma are more likely to suffer from severe symptoms such as fever or breathing difficulty. 

You can prevent the growth of mould and mildew by ensuring that your tiles are waterproofed. It will be a huge benefit when you get a ventilation fan installed in your bathroom. People living in a humid environment also need a dehumidifier to control humidity levels. 

  • Structural Decay and Functional Issues

Moisture seeping through your bathroom tiles will eventually cause decay, fungus, and rot to your home’s structure. Water seeping through bathroom tiles also gets into the substructure, leading to cracks and unevenness in the foundation of your home. Repairing structural damages is more expensive than installing water tiles in your bathroom.

  • Pests

Apart from mould and mildew, moisture behind tiles also attracts several household pests. Centipedes, carpenter ants, and termites are common pests attracted by moisture seeping through bathroom tiles. Some of these pests can be highly destructive for your home. 

In case of pest infestation, you should call an exterminator to tackle the pests in your home. But remember that it’s not a long-term solution because the pests will eventually return. If you want a proper solution for pests, you should install water tiles in your bathroom. 

Should You Waterproof Your Existing Shower Tiles or Start from Scratch?

Whether you should start from scratch or waterproof your existing shower tiles will depend on the condition of your shower. In case of severe structural damage, you will have to pull up the existing tile and replace everything. Newer tile installations or tiles with minimal damage will be fine with only a coating of sealant or liquid membrane. 

If you want to extract the benefits of water tiles, you will have to place them the right way. You will have to consider the size of your shower. Moreover, it’s crucial for you to determine where you will be standing while showering before installing water tiles in your bathroom. 

Some people wonder how to determine whether the existing shower tiles in their home are waterproof. You will know that your tile isn’t waterproof if your shower produces a funky smell, irrespective of the number of times you clean it. Noticeable mould on the shower wall or floor is also a sign that your tiles aren’t waterproof. 

Final Words

Anyone who is redesigning their bathrooms into spa-inspired retreats should invest in water tiles for a soothing experience. Check the collection of water tiles from Kohler for a streamlined bathroom look.