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What’s a heat pump as well as how does it function?


Oct 22, 2021

A heat pump is an energy-efficient choice for other sorts of home heaters, such as a natural gas heater or electrical walls. And also, a heat pump can supply both efficient home cooling and heating system to assist keep your house comfy year-round.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump makes use of electrical power to relocate warmth from one area to another. In the wintertime, it draws warm air from outdoors and moves it inside to heat your home. In the summertime, it acts as an AC system by moving cozy air outside while circulating awesome air inside your residence.

Benefits of a heat pump

  • They cool as well as heat: This indicates you can get efficient cooling and heating in one, as well as eliminate the need for portable or central air.
  • They’re powered by water: Heat pumps are a wonderful choice since they’re powered by clean, hydroelectricity. This implies that if you presently rely on nonrenewable fuel sources, propane, natural gas, or oil for heating as well as switching to a heat pump, you’ll be lowering your house’s ecological impact.
  • You can set it and neglect it: Unlike other heating systems, a heat pump works best if you do not adjust the temperature.
  • They’re more reliable than electric walls: Since heat pumps don’t produce warmth, rather they relocate cozy and trendy air about they’re up to 300% more efficient than electric walls. They’re additionally approximately 50% more power-efficient for cooling down compared to a typical home window air conditioning system.
  • You can save with rebates: If you presently have fossil-fuel heating, like propane, natural gas, or oil, as well as make the button to an electric heat pump, you can be eligible for discounts.

Which heat pump is appropriate for you?

So, you intend to get a heat pump yet aren’t certain which kind is best to choose. An air-source heat pump is the most effective choice. These take warmth from the outside air as well as relocate inside. Yet do you choose a mini-split or a central system?

We recommend speaking to a program registered service provider that can aid you to make your last choice and establish if any upgrades to your residence are needed prior to setup. Therefore, call us today for any assistance with the heat pump.