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Which projects require the expertise of concrete specialists?


Nov 4, 2023

The most versatile and commonly used construction materials from driveways and patios to foundations and retaining walls, many construction projects rely on concrete for strength and durability. While concrete seems simple, many factors impact the quality and longevity of concrete structures. It is where hiring a concrete specialist makes all the difference.

Foundations – A home’s foundation supports the entire structure and maintains its structural integrity. Concrete foundations need to be properly poured and cured to prevent cracking or shifting. A Campbelltown concreting specialists has extensive experience working with foundations and will get the concrete mix, pour, and finish right to prevent future foundation problems. They have the skills to form foundations on sites with difficult access or tricky soil conditions. 

Slabs and flatwork – Garage slabs, sidewalks, driveways, and patios are functional flatwork that is subject to cracking without the proper concrete mix, pour, and finish. A concrete specialist knows how to reinforce slabs appropriately, achieve the right slab thickness, properly set control joints, and get a durable smooth finish. For decorative concrete flatwork, they stain, etch, or stamp patterns into the concrete for customized looks.

Steps and stairs – Outdoor concrete steps and stairs are to be appropriately formed and reinforced so they don’t crack or settle unevenly with use. A concrete pro has the skills to build sturdy concrete steps and stairs that will be safe and attractive for years to come. They know how to work with the space and achieve the right rise and run.

Pools and spas – Building a new swimming pool or spa requires waterproof concrete that won’t leak. A concrete specialist has experience creating durable pool shells that will stand up to water for many years. They know how to properly mix, pour, reinforce, and cure pool concrete to prevent cracking that leads to leaks.

Retaining walls – Retaining walls support and hold back soil in areas with abrupt elevation changes. A poorly built concrete retaining wall crack, bow or even collapse under pressure. A concrete pro knows how to form, reinforce, and drain retaining walls properly using techniques like geogrid soil reinforcement. It prevents future cracking, bursting, and movement.

Structural elements – From support columns and beams to tilt-up walls and precast elements, many projects rely on structural concrete components. A concrete specialist understands the engineering requirements and knows how to build structural concrete elements so they have the strength to perform properly in the structure.

Repairs and restoration – Existing concrete structures that are cracked, crumbling, or damaged require specialized repair techniques. A concrete specialist has the skills to identify why concrete is deteriorating and perform the right restoration procedures like crack injections, overlays, and coatings. It extends the life of existing concrete.

Decorative concrete – Many homeowners want to incorporate decorative concrete elements into modern landscaping designs. Skilled concrete craftsmen transform plain concrete into stunning works of art using techniques like acid-staining, engraving, polishing, and inlays. It allows concrete flatwork to become design features.