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Why a Patio Cover May Increase Your Security


Mar 25, 2023

If you live someplace where the weather is pleasant for most of the year, an outside area such as a deck or patio might be an excellent addition to your home. You may be unaware that Butte Fence offers a variety of patio covers in Boise, ID; they might be a beneficial addition to a home security strategy.

Select from a variety of options that complement both the architectural architecture of your house and the nearby activities. When choosing a cover for your house, consider both the cover’s practicality and its aesthetic appeal. This is done so that visitors outside may see your property just as it appears on the cover. If you want to know what sort of cover is best for your house, chat with the designer and do some research.

Based on the list of prospective covers provided on this page, you should do your own research. You have the option of making the modifications that occur permanent or not.


Patio and deck awnings have long been popular additions. Since its first release, both the design and the building materials have undergone major changes. It should be remembered that the oldest known accounts of awnings are from the Roman Empire.

Awnings and other shade-creating structures were first employed by ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Syria. The usage of these buildings may be traced back to various civilizations. The first awnings were built on buildings to shelter them from the sun’s rays. The fabric was employed in the production of the items. The first awning that could be folded up while not in use was most likely constructed under the Roman Empire. The velarium, a retractable roof meant to maintain the arena at a comfortable temperature, was installed in the Roman Colosseum.

The awning has shifted to the right. Anything that comes into contact with the awning just rolls off. Awnings remain popular, perhaps owing to the wide range of applications for which they are ideal. Awnings may be permanently or retractably connected to a building. The retractable mechanism allows you to choose between powered and non-powered options.

Retractable deck coverings may be the most practical alternative when a deck is only utilized for a few months of the year. Awnings may be rolled up in the winter for a variety of purposes, including snow and ice protection. Tornadoes and other severe weather may be prevented by rolling them back. They provide a high level of sun protection and may be tailored to the wearer’s specific requirements.

Making the Most of Canopies

Awnings and canopies have certain similarities, but not all of them. There are also fixed and retractable options. Canopies are often the least expensive patio or deck building choices when compared to other alternatives. Another benefit is that the cover may be quickly built.

A canopy is an excellent option for providing shade to visitors on your deck during the hot summer months, whether you’re planning a huge party or just want to keep your kids and pets happy. Because of its malleability, which is comparable to that of awnings, you may choose the style that best matches the aesthetic of your house.

Awnings for the Sun

Solar screens, as the name implies, are used to filter out a lot of sunshine. They do, however, make it more difficult to see through the inside while not impeding the outside view. The screen, unlike the other kinds of coverings discussed on this page, is designed to be hung vertically and serves as a protective screen rather than a covering. These transportable panels, which also offer good insulation, might be quite handy for south-facing residences.

Protective Measures

Nonetheless, it is your obligation as the property owner to maintain your patio and deck in excellent condition at all times. Would you want a close friend or family member to be hurt on your patio or deck? While relaxing on your deck or patio, keep these critical safety considerations in mind at all times.

Examine the wood on your deck to check if any of it is deteriorating. If you properly maintain your deck, it may last a very long time. Wood, on the other hand, deteriorates with time. When checking the deck’s wood for decay, a spade, shovel, or pitchfork are all useful equipment to have on hand. It must be mended if you can totally puncture the wood with a shovel or pitchfork.

Inspect the rails and stairs of the stairway for stability. Railings and staircases that need maintenance should be avoided. Push the railing to check whether it’s still totally connected. Inspect the steps to see whether they are still level and if the deck is beginning to sag away from them.

Pruning is an important element of tree and plant maintenance. To generate more room on your deck, trim or eliminate any overgrown plants or trees.

Maintain a safe distance between your house and the grilling area. Under no circumstances should you put up a barbecue or a fire pit near your house. You never know when the grill fire may start. No matter how comfortable you think, it is, remaining too close to your house when putting up a fire pit or grill is not a smart idea. There may yet be a few coals to burn.

Eliminate any mold and algae traces from the area. Summertime temperatures and humidity levels in the United States may be quite unpleasant, depending on where you reside. The potentially hazardous allergens flourish in reproduction-friendly environments, such as siding and decks with plenty of shade. Choose a mold and algae remover that is safe for your pets, the environment, and your health.

Check for any uneven, crooked, or badly put patio pavers. Asphalt sidewalks and concrete patios are prone to cracking during harsh winters. Check that the patio pavers are not damaged and are level.

Plan out where each piece of furniture will go in the room. Furnishings should not be put too close to the pool’s deck railings or other safety measures. Preschoolers have a strong intelligence and an unquenchable curiosity about the world around them. If a youngster is allowed to stand on this piece of furniture, they will most certainly fall off, and either fall into a pool or go over the side of a balcony.

To secure the doors, locks must be utilized. It is particularly crucial if you have small children to keep the gate to your covered patio or deck locked at all times. You should protect your patio or deck if it is far from the front entrance.

A patio heater should be used with extreme caution. The usage of patio heaters has risen in recent years. If you wish to use it on your patio, place it on a sturdy, flat surface. The propane would not work properly if the temperature dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It, like the grill, should be kept outside the home.


The solutions discussed thus far are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the large range of patio and deck coverings, both permanent and temporary, that are now available. When you’ve done your homework and determined that this is the best course of action, investigate your alternative long-term options. Learn more about these long-term prospects by clicking here.