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Why Should You Consider Buying a Smart Toilet?

ByDonald Marshall

Oct 31, 2023

When it comes to the most often used equipment in your home, your toilet should be near the top, if not at the top. Almost everyone must use it anytime they want relief, and the operation is repeated several times during the day. After several years of usage, you should consider replacing your toilet, especially if it no longer works properly.

While you may choose one identical to your current model, you could alternatively choose a smart toilet with significantly more efficiency and other comforts. While acquiring something so popular may appear to be a waste of money, the purchase itself may out to be profitable. If you’re looking for evidence, keep reading to find out exactly what you may profit from.

Extra Water-Saving Methods

When you flush the toilet, you use a significant amount of water. Each flush might consume up to 8 liters of water. Given the regularity with which you engage in this habit, the expense soon adds up, and your utility bills will reflect this. If your toilet is prone to “sweating,” it may be doing more harm than good.

Any modern toilet, particularly smart toilets, has the potential to save a significant amount of water. Because they typically feature an aerator, they have a limited flow capacity. However, many of these devices consume as little as two gallons of water every flush.

Anyone Can Use It

While you have no trouble using the toilet, this is not true for everyone. Certain people find it difficult to clean or just sit. If you have a handicap or an anal condition, it may be more difficult to empty yourself.

A smart toilet may have elements that make the operation considerably easier and, in some cases, hands-free. This is because they frequently have sensors that allow them to swing open or close their own lid. Many smart toilets have a seat warmer, which makes sitting for a longer amount of time considerably more pleasant.

You may even choose a smart toilet with a bidet, like Swan Toilets’ Swan S Pro. It contains a remote-controlled washer and an air dryer, so users no longer need to wipe down with toilet paper. This can help to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms while also allowing for longer-lasting cleansings.

Maintenance is Less of a Battle

Scrubbing the toilet is one of the most common tasks that individuals neglect. Who wants to huddle that near to the bowl? This is not only unpleasant, but the chemicals you employ may be harmful to your health.

Many smart toilets, such as the Swan S Pro, can do the task automatically and safely. If you select the first option, the gadget will spray itself with a mixture of microbubbles and nitrogen to destroy any bacteria. A UV light will be shone on itself to finish the operation. Furthermore, because smart toilets can open and close on their own, no chemicals will be released into the environment.

Customize Your Entire Experience

Everyone has different tastes, and while going to the bathroom is an inescapable evil, it does not have to be unpleasant. It will not only profit you, but it will also captivate and make visitors envy every time they arrive.

The bidet settings on the Swan S Pro allow for even more personalization. 37 distinct integrations are accessible via the remote or the smartphone app. To ensure that you cover all of your lower areas, you may adjust the pressure, temperature, and angle of the bidet nozzle.

Before purchasing a Swan S Pro, you may get a thorough instruction and setup guide online. This will help you decide whether or not to buy the item. You’ll almost certainly add one or two items to your shopping basket after seeing a presentation.

Smart technology has already benefitted other sections of the home. Why not include a restroom in this project? A smart toilet, such as the Swan S Pro, may transform a routine activity into an unforgettable experience.