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Your Home Is Never Complete Without a Bookshelf!

ByMatthew Hershberger

Jun 2, 2022

Everything is set, bright and lovely in your new home. You have carefully chosen and customized all its interior decors, the utilities, the cabinets and the types of furniture, etc. You have almost built your perfect dream home but still think it could be incomplete without a bookshelf.

Why is a bookshelf important to every home?

Whether it is your new home or you are simply renovating your existing house, or your home is already up and running perfectly, you should still consider adding a bookshelf to it if you do not have one already.

You could plan to set up an enormous bookshelf and buy a huge library of books on many topics of your and your family members’ interests. You will be surprised by how delightful that experience will be. Book reading habits could be the best gift you can give to yourself or anyone else, especially your children.

Alternatively, ifyou want something very simple, minimalistic, and contemporary then perhaps you can consider having something like a corner bookshelf. You should check out Tribesigns’website andthe online store and you will be surprised by its widest range and collections of all things unique and modern.

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The science of habit-forming and visual cues

if you are someone who is trying to cultivate a book reading habit for yourself or for anyone else in your home, especially your children, having a simple corner bookshelf where you can attractively display all the books that you want to read is an ideal place to start from.

According to psychology, humans develop a habit when they do something regularlywith a simple and basic routine until it comes naturally and effortlessly to them. To follow such a routine, they must have the right kind of triggers to do the routine. These triggers are called cues.

There are many kinds of cues and we need to set up the right kind of cues for our habit formation. Among other cues, the best ones are the obvious ones and those that visually appeal to us. Therefore having the books that you wanted to be read arranged on a corner bookshelf can definitely do the trick for you.

So do not waitany longer. Get your home a bookshelf and fill it up with good books so that you are more likely to read more often due to that visual cues or reminders set at the right place until it becomes regularity in your life. What better reminders there can be than a well-arrangedcorner bookshelf filled with books you would love to read?